125 years old,

125 years old,

We’re the world’s largest employee-owned vet group – and proud of it!

We do things differently, and we do them well.

Our reputation in Kent and beyond is something we’re really proud of. We take fantastic care of our patients and clients.

And we do that by prioritising our team and ensuring they have everything they need to be the best. Our seven practices are equipped to the highest standards, including our hospital in Sevenoaks, from which we run our own emergency and out of hours service.

But more than that, we empower our team to take ownership of their careers and the service they deliver. We’re the world’s largest employee-owned vet group. This means every member of our team holds a stake in the business and is committed to ensuring our practice is beyond the ordinary.

When you join us, we promise to give you a platform to achieve everything you could want in our industry. In order to achieve this we created our core values:

Team focused
Committed to building an environment where our people can thrive.

Always supporting you through the highs and the lows, helping you to be the best you can be, inside and outside our practices.

Continuous Improvement
We encourage our team to find areas to stretch their skills and improve our service to our clients. It’s our employee-owners – people just like you – that are the ones who decide what our future looks like. We think that saying “that’s how we’ve always done it” is a bad excuse to prevent change. We empower our team to come forward with new ideas and protocols.

We like to keep it simple and speak clearly and honestly.

Embracing the future of the veterinary industry

The fact we’re the biggest veterinary practice to take the decision to become employee-owned should tell you something about our views on innovation. But it doesn’t stop there.

We are world leaders in driving the use of PetsApp, which we believe will change the way pet owners and practices communicate.

Also, over 40% of our clients are members of our Pet Health Club – a number that’s constantly growing. We believe this gives our team the opportunity to build deeper, longer-lasting partnerships with our clients – and that’s how veterinary medicine should be.

And because our Pet Health Club includes unlimited veterinary consultations as standard, the whole relationship between diagnosing and treating conditions is changed, for the better.

Equipping you to deliver the best service

Our network of practices across Kent are supported by our veterinary hospitals in Sevenoaks and Maidstone, which run our own out of hours and emergency care service.

That means our first opinion team can switch off when they leave for the day to rest and recharge. We’re looking into implementing four day working weeks in the near future.

At our hospital and across our branches we boast fantastic services, enabling our team to develop their skills and their career in any direction the industry can offer.

Our team pools their knowledge so you can learn by working alongside experts, and we place great importance on our mentoring systems to enable you to learn new skills.

Making an impact beyond our practice doors

The care we have for what we do doesn’t stop when we walk outside our practices or close the door at home.

Our team are passionate about doing our bit to make the world a better place, and we have a range of initiatives to make this a reality.

We are a member of VetBees, turning all of our outdoor spaces and flat roofs into wildflower gardens to encourage nature to thrive.

We generate our own medical grade oxygen on site, recycle cat food pouches, only use biodegradable cat litter, and much of the industry is only just catching up with a switch to low flow anaesthesia, which we made over a decade ago.

There’s so much more that we do, big and small, for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. We like to think that’s a reflection of our approach to caring for our patients too!

Meet a few of our many owners

Our leadership team have knowledge gained inside the veterinary industry and out. They’re fully committed to our future as an industry-leading, change-embracing, employee-owned veterinary practice.

Matthew Harden

Duty Vet

Linda Nitsch


Abigail Heald


Joy Cole

Operations Manager

Bree Buchanan

Student Veterinary Nurse

Cole Lock

Animal Care Assistant

Tenielle Moodley

Veterinary Surgeon

Andy Green

Veterinary Surgeon, EOT founder

Megan Madden

Out of Hours Animal Care Assistant

Georgia Irvine

Client Care Advisor

Emma Heath

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Ewan West

Veterinary Surgeon and Practice Principal